Month: August 2008

More tango, and random minor updates

In my attempt to keep this updated at least once a week, here’s this week’s entry. Not much, but I’ve thought of another relatively deep topic but will need some time to process my thoughts on it. Continue reading

Ramping for camping, and partying like a 2-year-old

On Labor Day weekend, I plan to go to a tango/camping weekend event, so this weekend I went up to my mom’s house to grab some gear. I set up my tent this morning (Sunday), which I haven’t used in a few (maybe four?) years. I also wanted to see if two people and a dog could fit in it. Luckily I had volunteers to help me see if I could. Continue reading

I love and appreciate women

This came to me as an e-mail forward, but it’s good enough for me to share here. Continue reading

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

Happy anniversary. Ten years ago today you stepped into something good in the great big dairy farm in the sky. How is it going? Are the cows healthy and well-fed? Do the milk tanks still have its divine shine, or have you been so successful that there’s no denying the wear and tear? Continue reading

A walk to and around Fresh Pond

Secret passage to Fresh Pond

Secret passage to Fresh Pond

I'll be on the other side in about a half hour

I'll be on the other side in about a half hour

The other side.

The other side.

... thunder. ... Can't you tell? ;-)

... thunder. ... Can't you tell? 😉

Graveyard shift

This week has gone by so fast, yet last Sunday, or even Monday, seems like it was on the other side of the universe.

Events that were once a supernova of negative energy are now just a small blip, a dim twinkle of light among many, something pleasing to appreciate and admire when a glance is thrown in that direction.

Nevertheless, the future is uncertain, and that can be scary.
Continue reading

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