In my attempt to keep this updated at least once a week, here’s this week’s entry. Not much, but I’ve thought of another relatively deep topic but will need some time to process my thoughts on it.

Meanwhile, I’ve had an energy-rising weekend: Among other activities, I walked for about seven miles at Fresh Pond on Saturday just after lunchtime, and then went to Providence Tango‘s penultimate LongaMilonga (an all-nighter dance) and danced almost nonstop for six hours, from 10pm to 4am! Luckily I had a cool carpool going with some good conversation and laughs, which helped me stay awake for the drive. I got home just before sunrise and woke up just in time to get ready for the three-hour tango practica in Cambridge.

Can’t wait for tango/camping this weekend!

Oh, and perhaps the sudden increase in Argentine tango in my social life lately has helped me to lose more weight. Just today a woman at the practica said that every time she sees me, she thinks I’ve lost more weight. Tonight I stepped on the scales (before dinner) and was surprised to see it pointing to 180 pounds. That’s a far cry from the 210 pounds in 2000, and undoubtedly much more in 2002, a year after college graduation (I didn’t really pay attention to my weight since then, until now). Woohoo.

For the most part, I’m generally happy lately. It’s a nice change of pace.