On Labor Day weekend, I plan to go to a tango/camping weekend event, so this weekend I went up to my mom’s house to grab some gear. I set up my tent this morning (Sunday), which I haven’t used in a few (maybe four?) years. I also wanted to see if two people and a dog could fit in it. Luckily I had volunteers to help me see if I could.

Clyde and Princess

Wait. You want us to do what??

Tent is up

We need to figure out if two people and a dog really can fit in this thing.

Princess outside of tent

Uhh... you want me to go in there? I don

Princess outside of tent

Oh, all right! Here goes nothing!

Princess entering tent

(She would only go in, if someone was already inside, when there was a treat waiting for her.)

Roomy tent

Plenty of room for another person! Sweet. Good to go.

* * *

Later in the day, we all went to my nephew’s birthday party. Met up with some from my brother-in-law’s side of the family, whom I hadn’t seen since my little sister got married. Anyway, the little tyke got a whole bunch of presents. It was almost like Christmas, except he was the only one with presents.

Joey opening presents

Joey opening presents