Month: December 2008

Car accident

Front bumper in accident

I was in a car accident today. Details are coming soon.

Dreaming in iambic pentameter

Bert and I were late for class, and we started running.

We were already inside a building, which looked strangely like a fancy hotel lobby. We slammed open the gold-rimmed double doors and ran up some stairs. It soon became clear that all this building had were stairs and short hallways. Most sets of stairs looked like it was from Fallon Memorial School in Pawtucket. One set looked like it was from the Harvard T Station. Continue reading

Our first snowstorm

A foot of snow on back window of car

Our first snowstorm brought me at least 12 inches of snow on top of my car.

7 relatively obscure things about me

My friend Kate tagged me in November with the challenge to come up with seven random or obscure tidbits about myself. Continue reading

Blog topic ideas

No, I’m still alive. I haven’t updated my blog in a while, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about it. In fact, I have many items buzzing around in this hollow head of mine. So as a teaser, I suppose, this post is the list of ideas I’m brewing to write about. Continue reading

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