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No, I’m still alive. I haven’t updated my blog in a while, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about it. In fact, I have many items buzzing around in this hollow head of mine. So as a teaser, I suppose, this post is the list of ideas I’m brewing to write about.

  • 7 obscure things about me. I was tagged by my friend Kate (more than a month ago). I’m still thinking about it. That’s a tough one. (link added 12/20/2008)
  • TANGO with STANGO. A blog post about my story with Argentine tango. I already have a request for this, and to that person, I can probably guarantee some surprises.
  • Trip to Texas. I visited my sister and her husband in Dallas over Thanksgiving, and then went to Austin to complete the weekend.
  • Calexico. They’re my new favorite band. I saw them in concert in November.
  • “At the movies” — Ask anyone close to me, and they’ll make fun of the fact that I hardly watch any movies. Lately, I’ve been trying to change that.
  • Craigie On Main. I developed this restaurant’s new website, and learned a lot along the way.
  • Dealing with Loss — a title I thought of back in September that would track my (feeling of) transformation and all the stuff I was losing in the process.
  • Impermanence and attachment. You may know I started meditating in the summer, and learned some principles of Buddhism along the way. These two concepts have still eluded my grasp to understand them. (As have the grasp of many other people, apparently, someone suggested to me recently.)
  • Healthy eating. Almost every woman I either just liked or dated have been very health-conscious, even to the point of being vegan or becoming vegetarian. Being aware of this pattern is interesting and has affected my diet… slowly but steadily. (Please overlook my recipe for Crunchy Eggs Dinner for now.)
  • Truth. Truth, versions of truth, how people act and react around their own perceptions of truth.
  • Trust and patience. I may need to rollover this one into 2009. haha.
  • Hair, and perceptions. Hmm, I wrote this idea down one day. This could be either one or both of two concepts.
  • Life is a traffic jam. I thought of this while in one, and wrote it down in a notebook I keep in my car.
  • Life is a dream. I first read this in “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle and realized how true that can be. Strangely, it also made me think of the campfire scene in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. That then led me to realize that its widely regarded bad storyline had some interesting points.
  • Changing “never enough” to “never IS enough”. Similarly, “not good enough”.
  • Jealousy and fear of rejection. Ah, this old chestnut!
  • Clarity and perspective. Related to truthiness (see above).
  • My accomplishments of 2008. Because there are a lot of them?

Any other requests?

I hope to address some of these in the next couple of weeks. At least one of them!


  1. What’s with the emo blog title? Do you sometimes want to cut yourself? XD

  2. Shall I add that to the list? :pThe answer your question, though: Never.

  3. Get writing! I can’t wait to read it!! More about your thoughts on Buddhism please.

  4. Dude, impermanence… Everything changes. What’s not to love about that??

  5. Added a link to the 7 obscure things about me.Also, other blog post ideas I’ve had include:- my “I can’t believe it’s not a brownie” cake recipe (it’s SO good!)- thoughts on Buddhism (as requested by Kate)- “Defining moments” (working title)- Tanguero: “Take her out for a spin” (ugh)- about the books I’ve been reading lately

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