Month: January 2009

Attainable goals for 2009

I don’t do resolutions. Like many, I fail to remember even conjuring the audacity I had to challenge myself with lofty aims in such a trendy fashion. So this year, 2009, I am outlining goals more attainable and accessible, in an effort to actually achieve them! Continue reading

Recipe: Spiral Ham Thankfully Leftover Surprise

It’s time for the first-ever second installment of the Dank Thoughts Random Recipe. Tonight’s recipe comes to us with the need to get rid of holiday leftovers in a purely ingenious way that only an impressed lifelong bachelor would nod in approval. Today’s recipe is the Spiral Ham Thankfully Leftover Surprise. Continue reading

Shedding my skin in 2008

Ah, 2008, such curveballs you threw my way! Let’s see how well I did, how I’ve changed, and what I’ve accomplished as a result. Continue reading

2008 crashes to a halt

I worked 2.5 hours at Staples on Dec. 31, 2008. A snowstorm came in fast, and we were all told to go home, and I left around 11:30am. The roads were bad. Mass Pike wasn’t as bad as that awful 3-hour-or-more commute we all endured a year before, but conditions grew worse the closer I got toward home. I successfully navigated an unusually sparse Newton Circle, which is typically usually insanely packed with cars in a chaotic mess of cars. Continue reading

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