I don’t do resolutions. Like many, I fail to remember even conjuring the audacity I had to challenge myself with lofty aims in such a trendy fashion. So this year, 2009, I am outlining goals more attainable and accessible, in an effort to actually achieve them!

  1. Write every day. I’m already failing at this, if you consider that this originally meant write one blog post a day. Here it is, Jan. 10, and this is blog post #4. Not bad, considering I wrote an average of one post a month recently. See? Success already! So, whether it’s writing here, writing in my offline journal, or writing a witty one-liner Facebook status message, the goal is to stretch my writing muskles.
  2. Update my web portfolio. I originally wanted to do this in December. My web development portfolio is outdated and seriously lacking in design. It shares the minimalist aesthetic I have on Dankoski.com but really that was only temporary. So I’ll update the portfolio content by end of January (meaning, adding the Staples CorpEx site and Craigie on Main) with screenshots and key code snippets.
  3. Update the rest of Dankoski.com. I have had this domain for years, and it’s time I do something with it. 2008 was a good year to start that with this blog, and with my web portfolio, but 2009 will be the year to beef it up with actual content. I hope to partner up again with the Craigie website designer on this. I’d like to keep the minimalist aesthetic, but I have some ideas to tie in my varied interests (web, writing, tango, photography, etc.). I’m hoping for a design mockup by end of February or March and an unveiling by late spring.
  4. Travel more. I had a great time traveling to Texas over Thanksgiving. It was my first real “vacation” in eight years. I ended it with the want for more. It’s good to get away, isn’t it? I don’t know yet where I’d like to go, or when I’d be able to. Before, it never occurred to me to get away, but this year, it’s actually on my mind.
  5. Live healthier. There are times when I eat some really nasty food. (See Exhibit A and Exhibit B.) But I know that green stuff and nonanimal products can sometimes (but not always) be tasty, and even healthy. I’m not turning vegetarian, but I’m open to eating healthier foods. The other day I learned I am technically overweight, with a body-mass index of 25.09, according to the the BMI calculator on Boston.com. That’s based on my average weight of 185 pounds and my approximate height of 6 feet. Borderline with a normal BMI. But I know it’s more difficult to maintain weight as one grows older. I’m also looking into yoga and will appreciate any suggestions and support. This healthy-living goal will be ongoing throughout the year.
  6. Unplug. I’m on the computer all day. I need to unplug. Think I can do it? We’ll see.
  7. Go out more. I used to dance tango a lot. I’d go out a couple of or three times a week with my body dancing with some hot and not-so hot women. The scene is filled with people who are addicted to that sort of connection, and I’ve grown bored with it. I haven’t danced tango yet in 2009, but I assume I will be back at it sooner or later. But it will no longer be my main social outlet, as it has been for the last five-plus years. This ongoing goal is to find other avenues. I’m a textbook introvert, so this will be a challenge.
  8. Find a GGG woman. Today I’m not planning to seek out a woman who’s right for me. Today I am happy with giving and keeping time for myself. But I know that aside from being content with myself, I would love to have a good, giving and game woman by my side. I deserve one. Someone who is sweet and cute and appreciates me for me. And, for the love of God, someone who is fun in bed … or wherever else she wants to do it.
  9. Keep blog posts short. My friend Jenny challenged me to do this. I know I tend to be wordy. But as Mark Twain supposedly noted, it takes more time to write short than it does to write long. I can write and write and write. Now I gotta edit them down? Argh.
  10. Take more risks. I was going to leave this list at 9 items, but I couldn’t help myself. I had to round it out. OK, taking risks, everything else and keeping blog posts short, starting now.