Month: January 2010

Lesson 4: When life throws you some snowballs…

A half hour before I left work, a coworker emailed all of us in the Agency saying that Jenny, another teammate and good friend of mine who had left a few minutes earlier, wanted to warn us of an extremely slippery parking lot. The flurry of snowflakes I had seen caressing the windows of the West staircase at lunchtime had apparently amounted to more, or it had melted and then frozen as the otherwise clear day was blanketed by dusk. Continue reading

Lesson 3: Try new foods

I ate an orange tonight for what I believe to be the first time in my life.

Not one of those delicious dark chocolate oranges. An orange orange. Alas, not a full one, just two wedges. Just enough to be an orange virgin no longer.

I have also tried clementines recently, so I was surprised to see the eyes of my girlfriend bulge out as her jaw dropped when I disclosed to her that it was, in fact, my first time. Continue reading

Lesson 2: Budget in time for your budget

“I got my mind on my money, and my money on my mind,” or so once said an undoubtedly wise man.

2009 did not begin well for me financially. But I managed to overcome the uncertainty of the economic climate as well as the uncertainty of my own future in such a way that I can be proud of, by balancing a rigorous schedule of paying bills and a somewhat happy lifestyle. Continue reading

Lesson 1: Speak up

Say something. Articulate.

We have evolved with the capability to communicate complicated thoughts and ideas, yet we struggle to grasp every day the idea that we can live happier lives if we only just say something, say anything, instead of stewing in despair. Continue reading

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