Lesson 1: Speak up

Say something. Articulate.

We have evolved with the capability to communicate complicated thoughts and ideas, yet we struggle to grasp every day the idea that we can live happier lives if we only just say something, say anything, instead of stewing in despair.

They say life is suffering. So why do we continually make life more difficult for ourselves? Life is littered, cluttered, with the pains of people all around us, suffering. By your not speaking up, by your not articulating, by not using your voice to be heard, to be understood, to be helpful, to BE, you are forfeiting your responsibilities. You are relinquishing your life. You are abandoning your dreams. You are no longer a functioning half of a relationship. You no longer exist. You — who? — are forgotten.

They say, too, there is a way out of suffering.

Say something. Articulate. Proclaim your place in your own life. Reclaim the responsibilities beholden to you; make them work for you. Acclaim the rewards that you see.

Just be. Be yourself. Be helpful. Be understood, and speak until you are. Articulate. Choose your words carefully. Speak up. We’re listening.

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  1. Yes, we are listening! Keep talking . . . you have wisdom to share.

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