Grub Gone... BlueGrub Street’s Grub Gone… Blue on Friday, March 12, 2010, was a great social introduction to a bunch of local writers hanging out, drinking wine and, oh, listening to their fellow local writer comrades read poems or stories they’ve written on the open-ended theme of “blue”.

Grub announced the contest weeks beforehand, and the amazing winners entertained us all. Teresa Valdepenas’ lovely poetry, KL Pereira’s incredible erotic flash, Randy Ross’ bizarre travel accounts, interspersed with musings on blue balls by host Steve Almond. All followed by a fabulous excerpt by visiting author Diana Joseph who read from her new book, “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way.”

I had started to write something for the contest, but with a lot going on otherwise lately, I didn’t make the deadline. Presented here is my blue-themed story, with notes (and a call for feedback) afterward. Continue reading