Month: May 2010

Remembering a writer’s month

This has been an incredible month. And not just because I went to the second Muse and Marketplace writers conference by Grub Street, where author Chuck Palahniuk gave the inspirational keynote.

I have written a short story. Continue reading

Defining a good relationship (Part 2)

I was a bundle of nerves, trying to time it just right, trying to avoid the hot brunette in the cafeteria. The one who made me anxious for no other reason than that she had, on the surface, fit most criteria of my ideal woman.

However, I couldn’t talk with her. I just couldn’t. Her being unapproachable was not helping her get to know me at all. Not much of a foundation of a good relationship. Continue reading

Defining a good relationship (Part 1)

A little over a year ago, I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the notion of a “good relationship”. Although I had made peace with the end of not just a yearlong on-and-off relationship, but also another foiled connection, I saw misery everywhere. I knew a handful of couples who were so miserable, in my view, I could not believe they were unconcious to their misery. Continue reading

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