This has been an incredible month. And not just because I went to the second Muse and Marketplace writers conference by Grub Street, where author Chuck Palahniuk gave the inspirational keynote.

I have written a short story.

I haven’t done that in more than a decade, since freshman year in college. My lifelong goal of becoming a writer has been superceded by other interests; first as a reporter and then as a web developer, both as a means to make a living.

In the last couple of years, I have made an effort to realize my dream. Think of it as a trickle of water evolving into a mighty river. Perhaps right now I’m just a stream. Or maybe a brook. Water is flowing over the rocks, smoothing them, one droplet at a time, the sediments accumulating along the shore.

I’m elated. My instructor, classmates and my three proofreaders liked the story, titled “Let. Him. Go.” The class was surprised how well I wrote from a woman’s point of view. And I agree with them that the characterization of the man needs work. And once I do that, a better ending will be apparent.

In time, after the critiques and ideas settle, I’ll return to the story with a fresh approach.

For now, I’m as high as a kite.

It may be a while before the general public gets to see the final version of the story. Meanwhile, I’ve compiled a list of select tweets I posted on Twitter during the writing process. Many of these are from Deadline Day, when I took the day off from work to make sure I finished the story in time. You may also follow my Twitter profile, stango, which has the most recent musings on top. Below, they’re in chronological order.