NYTimes.com on Sunday posted the first in the Frugal Traveler’s latest column series, “Getting Lost,” titled Lost in Tangier.

The concept is to go somewhere and do the opposite of what we are normally drawn to do — find your comfort zone, look out for patterns, be among people. The opposite of that, Frugal Traveler Matt Gross says, is to lose his way across the world.

“I am, in short, trying to break free of the constraints of modern travel, of a culture in which every minute is rigorously planned, and we grade destinations based on how they live up to our expectations. I want to have no expectations. I plan to show up with neither hotel reservation nor guidebook; instead of devising my own itinerary, I will let the place itself guide me, and in doing so, I will, I hope, find myself caught up in moments I never could have imagined.”

Rainbow at Big Island of Hawaii

Rainbow at Big Island of Hawaii. (image via Wikipedia)

What an appealing concept!

With a two-week honeymoon in Hawaii coming up, and with no solid plans other than to relax, eat local fruits, read, meditate and choose our own adventure with our 4×4 rental on the Big Island — having no expectations for each day, having no meetings to attend or deadlines to meet, or worries to gnaw the mind … all sound wonderful.

And if anything unexpected happens, let come what may. We’ll take it and go along for the ride.