My colleague Jess Bonn tweeted today that she found the solution to sync our work calendar (Entourage on the Mac) with her Google Calendar. I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I became an employee at this job.

The post on MacBitz explains how to do this using Spanning Sync 3.

I’ve only done this using the trial version so far. I do not have a Mac at home (yet) but when I do, I download Spanning Sync on that computer, because, Jess tells me, it’s hooked up to your Google account so you don’t have to pay for it more than once. Two payment options are available, and there are also schemes ways to get Spanning Sync for free.

Entourage and Google Calendar, (still) all sync'ed up Back in late 2008 I wrote a post about how I kept my Entourage and Google calendar in sync using a utility called Calgoo Connect. The process worked really well and the post generated quite a bit of interest from people who were in the same boat. A year and a half later and things have moved on, the most notable change being that Calgoo Connect for the Mac is no longer available. Not to worry though, if you still use Entourage and Google Calendar … Read More, via MacBitz