Month: November 2010

Photo booth: Back to the 1930s and ’40s

Stan and Elizabeth


My wife, Elizabeth, and I had a small wedding in late September. We then went to the Big Island of Hawaii for the following two weeks. I plan to write more about that soon. Before that all happened, we planned to have a second wedding celebration for our somewhat disparate group of friends. So we hosted a costume party on Halloween Eve at our friend’s house. The Thaddeus Hogarth Trio performed live with offerings of blues, funk and R&B.

And our friend Jenny came up with the Photo Booth idea, where guests could go into a side room and, using her camera’s remote control, take photos of themselves. Check out the slideshow! Continue reading

Piquant Pumpkin & Pepita Potpourri Chili

The award-winning pumpkin chili.

The award-winning pumpkin chili.

This year’s Chilifest competition at work threw in a twist: Add pumpkin to the recipe. I thought everyone had to do that, but that was only the Iron Chef category. The other three categories were Hottest, Most Creative, and Best in Show. I’m not a chili eater, and I can’t remember if I ever made chili in my life. But I decided to throw my pepitas in the ring. Continue reading

Who needs a ‘Hero’? We do.

Today, Veterans Day, at Every Day Fiction, writer Henry Lara offers a dual story of a hero, simply and aptly called “Hero.” Continue reading

Shooting photos for the Literary Death Match Boston (in Cambridge)

Little did I know that bringing my and my wife’s Nikon D90 to the Literary Death Match at the Enormous Room in Cambridge, MA, would lead my photos to be showcased on the LDM website a week later. Continue reading

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