Airplane at Houlton International Airport

Me in "The Flick"

Recently uncovered and digitized by its erstwhile director, Brent Stokinger, a high school friend of mine, is “The Flick,” the movie that shook the world (and some people’s heads). It is also known to be the honored vehicle of my acting debut, in which I play the dark-clad villain, Hans Britanicca.

“The Flick” was an homage to action flicks of the 1980s as well as to his hero, Quentin Tarantino. It became an instant classic among our small network of friends and classmates of the audio/visual class, whose instructor, Brian Hannish, is featured in the opening scene as the green raincoat-wearing agent driving the Bonneville in the chase scene.

Luckily for the rest of the world, “The Flick” — written, produced and released in 1994, before either of us had heard of the Internet or could have imagined digital video — has been restored in its original lo-fi glory, digitized and uploaded by Stokinger to YouTube on Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2011. Watch it below or on YouTube.

Be on the lookout for the umbrella-carrying pedestrian who gets caught in the cross fire, the double-handshake, and the cunning, surprising way my character, Hans Britanicca, breaks free from agent Utmoss Fish. (Oh, and sorry that the audio is crap. The scenes make up for it.)

Classic! As a coworker commented upon first witnessing the above: “Why hasn’t this been archived at the Smithsonian yet?”

Note that it was shot partly on location at Houlton International Airport. Yes, really, that was an international airport, and we were lucky enough to waltz right in, climb aboard a plane and shoot cap guns in its lone hangar.

Trivia: Utmoss Fish is performed by Dane Stokinger, musical stage actor and brother of Brent. And Brent himself stars as the chief.

Brent has since become a married dad of two in Alaska. More films by his direction are rumored to be safely sealed in storage, with titles such as:

  • Mission Incognito — featuring our friend Heath walking a fake skunk on a leash. And a cameo by me.
  • Crak — filmed inside of a stationary cargo train car, which I remember thinking then was unbelievably cool. And it was.

Perhaps they will see the light of day again. We can only hope. 😉