Science Fiction Quarterly

Really unfriendly aliens

From life magazine:

“Not long ago, astrophysicist and world’s-most-recognizable-genius-scientist Stephen Hawking told a television audience that, while extraterrestrials likely exist, we Earthlings probably shouldn’t be too eager to meet them. Herein, some old-school visions of what we might be facing in the future, on our home planet and in the outer reaches of space. Enjoy. Or cower in fear. Whichever you prefer…”

(See more Really Unfriendly Aliens on old pulpy litmag covers.)

Oh, how it must have been like to write “scientifiction” in the 1950s, before Hollywood tainted our view of speculative fiction with blockbusters and explosions. I’d like to find some of these old journals/magazines and see how strange, wondrous and perhaps awful the authors thought today might be.