Stargate: Universe returns with its final 10 episodes tonight on SyFy! Although the network has canceled the third series of this hit franchise, the show’s fate is still uncertain.

I remember coming home from work a few years ago and turning on the TV — back when I watched TV — to the then SciFi channel to watch Stargate: SG1, as it was on every day and sometimes many times a day.

Stargate was a mix of humor and action, and a highlight of my television viewing. Universe is less humorous, although it is not without humor, and is darker in tone. The quality is outstanding, and it is unfortunate that ratings of those who watch it on an actual television during live hours have determined its fate. Those of us who watch it on our time by the platform of our choice (Hulu, Netflix, iTunes, etc.) are soon left without new Stargate.

An obvious fan of Stargate has created an homage to all three series of the franchise with this video. Impressive, eh? Even the producers of the show were in awe.

Watch the SGU episode “Deliverance” tonight on SyFy! Or later on your platform of choice.