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BDN: ‘Garden slugs prefer Budweiser over imported brands’

A slug slips into a pool of beer in Kathryn Olmstead’s garden. (Photo for the Bangor Daily News by Kathryn Olmstead.)

This is what happens when a University of Maine professor — my former adviser there and the editor who published my first story in Echoes magazine — retires. She experiments with beer. In her garden, with two fists clenching brown bottles of Bud, she slugs it down the garden patch. Continue reading

Piquant Pumpkin & Pepita Potpourri Chili

The award-winning pumpkin chili.

The award-winning pumpkin chili.

This year’s Chilifest competition at work threw in a twist: Add pumpkin to the recipe. I thought everyone had to do that, but that was only the Iron Chef category. The other three categories were Hottest, Most Creative, and Best in Show. I’m not a chili eater, and I can’t remember if I ever made chili in my life. But I decided to throw my pepitas in the ring. Continue reading

Heat lightning

Microchondria, printed by Harvard Book StoreNote: The following is a draft of a flash fiction piece that I submitted to Harvard Book Store‘s Short Shorts writing contest. Winners were published in early March 2010 in a book called “Microchondria” that the store printed with its own book-making machine.

I was not among the winners, which is fitting because this version doesn’t yet quite capture the moment, and, well, this is a bit more memoir than fiction. Continue reading

Lesson 3: Try new foods

I ate an orange tonight for what I believe to be the first time in my life.

Not one of those delicious dark chocolate oranges. An orange orange. Alas, not a full one, just two wedges. Just enough to be an orange virgin no longer.

I have also tried clementines recently, so I was surprised to see the eyes of my girlfriend bulge out as her jaw dropped when I disclosed to her that it was, in fact, my first time. Continue reading

Recipe: The “I Can’t Believe It’s Not a Brownie” Cake

I did it again, and it is glorious.

Only the fourth iteration within the last 1.5 years, what began as a hasty, emotional solution to a culinary accident has turned into a sensation. Manifesting itself much like the blue moon or Haley’s comet, when only a few have tasted the goodness and have extolled its virtues far and wide, the “I can’t believe it’s not a brownie” cake is a precious site to behold. The thickness has to be seen to be believed. The warmth that emanates from it is surprising every time. Oh, just look at it! Continue reading

Recipe: Spiral Ham Thankfully Leftover Surprise

It’s time for the first-ever second installment of the Dank Thoughts Random Recipe. Tonight’s recipe comes to us with the need to get rid of holiday leftovers in a purely ingenious way that only an impressed lifelong bachelor would nod in approval. Today’s recipe is the Spiral Ham Thankfully Leftover Surprise. Continue reading

Recipe: Crunchy Eggs Dinner

It’s time once again for the first time ever for the Dank Thoughts Random Recipe. Tonight’s recipe comes to us not by sheer hunger but by the need to eat a more nutritious breakfast, just at a better time than when you first wake up. Today’s random recipe is the Crunchy Eggs Dinner. Continue reading

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