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A random look back at Muse 2010

Talking with Joan FitzGerald at Muse 2010 lunch

Chatting during lunch at Grub Street's Muse and the Marketplace 2010.

Grub Street, a fantastic nonprofit writing center in Boston, today launched its new daily blog, Grub Daily. I’m excited to see what the blog has in store for local writers. Today’s introductory post promises a schedule for every weekday: writing exercises, success stories, guest posts, literary advice and approving nods toward achieving members, aka Grubbies. Fantastic.

Another cool thing featured on the site: Flickr photos from Muse & the Marketplace 2010 — and yours truly is featured in a handful. Continue reading

I’m a slow reader. And other meandering thoughts on a “sick day.”

The Book of Dads, edited by Ben George

The Book of Dads

It takes a sick day from work to be able to sit back in my La-Z-Boy and read a good book.

Today I returned to the excellent The Book of Dads, which I bought on June 9, 2009. I know the precise date because of two things.

One, I see that, in this collection of essays by writers on the joys and humiliation of fatherhood, the authors — including Steve Almond and Mainer Jennifer Finney Boylan — had crossed a line through or around their printed bylines and replaced them with their autographs, some wrote the date and “For Stan.”

The other reminder is that the occasional Goodreads newsletter reminds me that I started reading this book, the latest one tells me, 535 days ago, and I’m still not done. Ouch. Continue reading

Shooting photos for the Literary Death Match Boston (in Cambridge)

Little did I know that bringing my and my wife’s Nikon D90 to the Literary Death Match at the Enormous Room in Cambridge, MA, would lead my photos to be showcased on the LDM website a week later. Continue reading

Remembering a writer’s month

This has been an incredible month. And not just because I went to the second Muse and Marketplace writers conference by Grub Street, where author Chuck Palahniuk gave the inspirational keynote.

I have written a short story. Continue reading

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